The Bread Door Project – Singapore

To commemorate the 250th birthday anniversary of St Magdalene of Canossa, a year-long celebration began on 1 Mar 2023 and will end on her Feast Day on 8 May 2024. Canossa Catholic Primary School and Canossian School embarked on a Bread Door Project for Term 2 and Term 3, where the Sisters, staff and children sell bread, cookies and cakes at different churches all over Singapore to raise funds for the needy which are looked after by these churches. Children were given the opportunity to speak about St Magdalene and the Canossian charism, and the significance of the Bread Door Project towards the end of the Sunday Eucharistic Celebration at the different Churches.

The Canossians trace their origin to Magdalen of Canossa, a religious sister canonized by Pope John Paul II in 1988.

The Canossian missions in Singapore started with the arrival of 4 young Sisters from Macau, at the invitation of the Bishop Medeiros, the Bishop of Macau, who was in charge of the Portuguese Mission in Singapore. Arriving on 11th December 1894, they took over the running of St Anthony’s Girls School, originally started by the Portuguese Mission in 1879. This gave rise to the Sisters being called “Portuguese Nuns” and St. Anthony’s being known as “Portuguese Convent”.

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