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Book Club

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Dear Sisters and friends,

Greetings to you on the Feast of St Magdalene of Canossa, our Foundress and Inspiration – A Woman for Today’s Seasons.

She lost her dad when she was 5 years old. Her mum remarried when she was 7 years old. She became ill at the age of 15, and almost died!

She faced ill treatment from her governess, made two attempts to join the Convent , and returned home to run a palace.

She went as a refugee to Venice with her family when the French army invaded Verona, hosted Napoleon Bonaparte at her palace, looked after her new born grand nephew.

Magdalene collaborated in hospital visitation and wanted to set up Charity Schools and Homes for the poor children in Verona, learning from her many friends from the various towns of Milan and Venice.

In the aftermath of the French Revolution which marked an epochal change from hierarchical medieval society in Europe till the years of the strident cries for LIBERTY, EQUALITY and FRATERNITY…. Magdalene continued to educate women and men, to form hearts and empower people to collaborate in serving God and caring for the needs of the less advantaged in society.


In the throes of the second and third waves of Covid in the world and the many political, economic, social, cultural and moral upheaval in Church and State, Magdalene stands out for me even more as …

A Woman for All Seasons

The global and cosmic evolution, technological advancement, secularism, relativism and talks of Alternative Truth and Gender Neutrality seem to cry out for a TOTAL RENEWAL OF CONSCIOUSNESS, of INNER FREEDOM, RESPECT for the real GOOD ! We need COURAGE, COMMITMENT, COMPETENCE, COMPASSION!

What is the NEW HOPE and NEW PURPOSE of our lives as individuals and as community? Perhaps the journey of St Magdalene can enlighten us as she was able to live a UNITY within – by recognizing the God within! As a mystic and contemplative, Magdalene was a creative and prayerful presence in her community and for the people around her.

The 68 letters of her Spiritual Director and her Memoirs allow me to encounter Magdalene as A Woman for all Seasons. I cannot resist offering her story as a Profile in Resilience – and an inspiration to live a meaningful and purposeful life today.

Shall we work on a more systematic and focused reading perhaps through a “book club” with all who wish to benefit from an in-depth reading and reflection on her story? Reading materials would be sent to you.

That could be the gift of charism to the world today! If you are interested, please connect with us via

Happy Feast Day!
Sr Christina Yeo, Congregational Leader, FdCC