Set Life on Fire!

Set Life on Fire!

As we begin our Year of Thanksgiving for the 250 Anniversary of St Magdalene of Canossa, (1774 – 2024) we give thanks for the gift of her life.

I pray that together in groups of two or three friends, we can delve into the letters to Magdalene and by Magdalene, translated in English and make it accessible and relevant to all, especially the young of our times.

May I propose a collaborative effort of forming small Friendship groups of 3 or 5 persons, who would be interested to read and share on line insights and journey as companions.

We could meet on zoom or face to face to share the wit and wisdom of St Magdalene.

The first part of the project will last for 3 months and then the group will choose to disband or move on to Part 2.

Do sign in with two or three of your friends to enjoy the journey.

Part 1: Magdalene’s search for Meaning & Purpose (Image of God)
Part 2: Magdalene’s relationships with friends (Image of self & others)
Part 3: Magdalene’s Mission for the world (Image of life & world)

You are welcome to write to the email as a group to be GIFT like Magdalene for God’s people , especially the young and vulnerable today!

Sr Christina Yeo