Sr Margaret Goh

The Call

The Beginning, The Now, and The End
Atomized into Eternity
Conceived in Live
Called to love in return
The Homeward Journey began.

Come and See!
Three words that thrilled my soul
through and through.
A lover’s words drenched with intimacy
Tugged at my heart.
I went, saw and
I stayed.

A womb of Love,
At the Master’s fee I sat,
At the Lover’s breast I lie,
Other voices drowned.
Senses soaked in joy!
Till the summons that the hour has come.
On the Cross, my love gave all of himself

Held tight within the embrace
Margaret, do you love me
My heart breaks
Feed my lambs

Next to his bleeding heart
Margaret, do you love me?
I wept
Feed my sheep.

With His dying breath,
Margaret I love you
My heart breaks again.
Feed my lambs.