Our new pre-novice-Yvonne Yip

8 Feb 2022

Yvonne Yip – our new Pre-Novice

Canossians in Singapore welcome Ms Yvonne Yip in her entry into the journey of discernment as a Pre-Novice in our Congregation on the Feast of St Josephine Bakhita ~ 8 February 2022.

As we pray and support her, Yvonne here shares the road that facilitated her present commitment.

1) When did you decide to discern your calling?
I decided to discern my calling when I returned from Australia in 2014 and started questioning and searching for a deeper meaning of life outside and besides the routine of just work.

2) What made you choose Canossians?
There were two factors. I am a nurse by profession. Therefore, I was immediately drawn when I found out that the Religious Sisters were actively caring for the sick in the community. Secondly, I felt that my childhood story was somewhat similar to St Magdalene’ autobiography and life story. And so, in her, I quickly felt a close friendship.

3) What has the journey been from then till now?
The journey has increased my understanding and knowledge about my religion and deepened my faith. It has also increased my maturity and outlook of life. Life’s purpose is definitely not limited to just work. Personally, it has healed and strengthened my family bonds and brought an increased closeness between my siblings, myself and my parents.

4) Did you consider other religious orders? Marriage/Single/Lay Consecration?
Yes, I did. I journeyed with a spiritual director who helped me become aware that I desired a life beyond marriage. This realization brought an experience of deep consolation. I had the same experience when I discerned whether I should remain single or just stay as a lay consecrated. My heart kept telling me that I was made for more.

I then attended a retreat that confirmed and clarified for me my vocation. At that retreat, I was given a vision of Christ Crucified, and I experienced a deep spousal love for the Lord that I never experienced before. I subsequently related the incident to my then spiritual director who helped me confirm that the vision I had was of heavenly insight and not of physiological hallucination.

To help me discern which Religious Order I was called to, I attended a Religious Vocation Discernment Retreat organized by a spirituality center in Singapore, held in collaboration with various Religious Orders. There were various Religious, who shared about their charisms and apostolic works. After the retreat ended, I discerned and still felt drawn and inspired by the Canossians and another Religious Order. However, by the next day in prayer, I felt the still to continue my journey with the Canossian Sisters and live their charism.

5) What made you persevere?
God kept calling me, reminding and encouraging me of his desire for me to love and serve him deeper and beyond my then current lifestyle.

6) What do you see as God’s direction for you?
To achieve a wholesome union with him. Also, through my journey to get there, (in the future) to assist other to know and love God better.

7) What are your hopes for Canossian Sisters in Singapore, Myanmar and all over the world?
With the decline in birth rates and increase of elderly sisters, I hope that there will be more vocations to the institute so that that great work that the Religious Sisters have done can be continued.