Sr Frances Lan

On behalf of Sr. Frances Lan:
This was taken from a sharing during a Vocation Sharing before her Stroke in March 2010.

Question: what does she feel most fulfilling in all her years as a Canossian Sister and why?
I am very thankful for being called to this way of life. I was inspired by St. Magdalene of Canossa who gave up her riches in order to serve the poor.

Life was not easy during the war when we had to give unconditionally to the children under our care in Bahau (Malaysia) we had to work very hard under the sun to plant our own vegetable and potatoes but God gave me the strength at prayer. I believe that He was with me in time of needs.

At 90 and I was still able to walk and visit the sick around the Home, reach out to them in little needs and comfort them in their pain and loneliness- this I am thankful to God. I always pray to be active and healthy but it God wills otherwise than I am sure He would supply the grace. She suffered a stroke in March and today even though she is not able to speak, she can still stretch her hand with a smile to acknowledge anyone who is visiting her. She is a SIGN of PEACE on her wheelchair.
Her peaceful presence speaks volume of her trust in God.

Sr. Frances is a grateful person. She never failed to thank God in little things. She would say very cheerfully when she is seated on a chair saying, “What a clever person to invent the chair! Thank God!”

My most fulfilling experience as a Canossian Sister is to live with the Sisters. I am never alone. I love to pray together and always feel the joy of receiving Jesus everyday. Our Foundress wanted us to love the sick and the old in a special way and I do feel very strongly that I am loved by my Sisters. They looked after me very well.