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Canossian Lay Missionaries

The Canossian Lay Missionaries are dedicated to the welfare of our “marginalized” brothers and sisters irrespective of race, language or religion. Through concrete acts of charity they hope to make Jesus known and loved.

The Canossian Lay Missionaries as a group started as far back as in 1990. This is a 16-member strong group who has reached out to countries like Indonesia, India, Africa, Philippines, Malaysia, China & Mongolia in the service of the poor and the missions during their 20 year of active existence. The members’ age ranges from those in their eighties to those in their fifties now. Their activities include collecting donations of food and clothing to pack them into containers to be sent to the poor in the missions, providing yearly education scholarships (sponsoring the primary and secondary students) especially in Tanzania; sending cash donations to crisis-situations in Indonesia, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Africa, China and Mongolia and sponsoring hot meals once a month to a Home for the Elderly in Singapore (Sinai House). For the last six years, the Canossian Lay Missionaries have been sending boxes and at times containers to the poor in the Philippines (especially to the poor children in Tondo, and Senden Boys Home run by the ICM Sisters). In October 2009, the members packed a 40 foot container with humanitarian supplies to Philippines when the country was struck by a Typhoon. The members also went on a mission trip to the Philippines that year. In March 2010 this year, the members went on a mission to Tanjung Pinang Orphanage (in Indonesia). They brought with them more than 20 bags of clothing and stationery for the orphans there. More recently in September 2010, the Canossian Lay Missionaries went up to Tangkak (in Johore, West Malaysia ) to help provide some of the building funds for the restoration of the poor Church of St. Matthew.

Sister animator is Sr. Elizabeth Sim. The members meet up for their spiritual input, meetings and fellowship on a bi-monthly basis with 6 meetings in a year.

Mission Statement

The Canossian Lay Missionary Group is an organization of volunteers from different walks of life who share the Canossian ideal of making Christ known and loved through :

a) sharing the Good News with believers and unbelievers b) prayer for personal spiritual growth and for the success of the missions at home and abroad c) service in reaching out to the less fortunate and the under-privileged d) certain projects aimed at doing good to others out of love and compassion as God would want of his followers.

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